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The story of Zen Eating starts from my being diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea (an AHI score of 33) in 2010.

I couldn’t stand the idea of wearing a CPAP so I jumped at the opportunity to do research work with Dr. Oron Zachar (CTO of a public medical device company). We studied the the human tongue and mouth in great detail and worked on a device so that the tongue would not interfere with sleep breathing.  After a year of research on a device and dozens of experiments, we decided the device wouldn’t meet our standards.

I still had severe sleep apnea and continued on with research. I found more and more clinical studies about oral therapy and how effective it was for sleep breathing, better eating and better health.

I was shocked at how important swallowing and oral posture are for health and how few people in the world even know about the issue. One of the reasons I suspect it isn’t so well known is because before Zen Eating, several oral exercises were needed to overcome bad swallowing and oral posture habits.  As a result, only people with severe issues like tongue thrust were being treated.

Yet an estimated 97% of adults do not perform swallowing with a full tongue up posture and suck from the throat instead of the cheeks.

Zen Eating (and the Dream Sipper) took the most important movements of oral therapy and put them together in one, easy to use water sipping device.  Well researched methods are added to get the maximum benefit of the patent pending product.

I reduced my sleep apnea score for 33 to 1 and raised my average meal eating time from 7 minutes to 20 minutes using the product.  I feel in control of my eating, it’s now one of the most relaxing parts of my day, and sleep is so much quieter and better.  With more research coming out on how crucial it is to improve HOW you eat, we hope we can raise awareness and years of energetic life to everyone that we can.


Scott Hirsch

Founder, Zen Eating (A part of Adaptive Airway Labs)

Lecturing on the biomechanics of healthy swallowing at ISHLA, an international convention for hundreds of speech therapists.