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FAQs - Zen Eating
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Does Zen Eating really only take 5 seconds a meal?

Yes.  5 seconds before a meal is enough once you’ve spent an initial 1-2 weeks drinking half a cup a water a day with it.  The reason is you are dealing with different oral muscles you are not use to relaxing and engaging.

It can also help during a meal that is challenging for you where to tend to eat fast, overeat, are stressed or emotional or otherwise need extra help.  Even then, at most you would use it 2 or 3 times maximum and even a few seconds each is enough to re-invigorate the oral muscles you need to use.


How does Zen Eating instantly stop me when I’m overeating or eating too fast?

Zen Eating helps you regain control of eating in 4 ways:

  1. Just pausing a meal and instantly waking up the different oral muscles in your mouth with the Oral Sipper helps you regain awareness of your mouth to make it more active in the digestion process and to stop using your mouth as a highway for food.
  2. The Zen Eating Sipper instantly re-activates the natural “brakes” you have in your mouth to reduce your swallow space and activate feelings of satisfaction from less via the parasympathetic nervous system.
  3. The Zen Eating Sipper gets you to stop sucking with your cheeks and eating with your tongue partially down.
  4. Having a device in your pocket ready to take out when you need it is a tangible reminder to stay aware of your mouth and how you are eating during a meal.


How is Zen Eating also good for snoring and sleep breathing?

The product encourages a fuller tongue-up posture. This is scientifically proven to stop snoring and improve sleep breathing.  Tongue-up posture also encourages nasal breathing and therefore increases nitric oxide in the body, both of which have many positive health benefits. See Dream Sipper for more information.


How do you clean the Zen Eating Sipper?

The product is made of medical grade silicone and is dishwasher safe.  It’s best to suck it and shake it dry after use.


How is this compared to Mindful Eating, chewing 30 times or just eating slower?

These are all great ideas for your weight and health!  The problem they have is they don’t address the underlying biomechanical reasons for why you eat mindlessly, why you under-chew, or why you eat too fast.

The result is you must use much more will power to overcome your physical disposition that is working against you.

It’s easy to start with Zen Eating and then once you have some kind of device-aided discipline in your eating, it’s much easier to add additional healthy eating habits to require more mental focus or will power.

That said, Zen Eating is like a combination of easy swallowing therapy and easy Mindful Eating because it instantly envigorates and makes you aware of which oral muscles to use and which to relax for more relaxed and controlled eating.


Where does Zen Eating fit into an overall health or weight loss program?

A balanced, sustainable, healthy lifestyle includes healthy choices in 1) what you eat  2) how much you eat 3) how you eat  4)  exercise and 5) sleep habits.  Zen Eating is the easy way to begin, maintain and master #2 and #3 and to a certain degree can help #5..


This seems like a great idea.  Why wasn’t this idea around before?

The idea that better swallowing leads to better eating has been around for a while and has helped thousands of people.  There are many scientific papers on the issue of swallowing better and better health. The problem was it took lengthy and expensive time with special oral therapists.

The patent pending Zen Eating is new in that it took the best oral exercises for better eating and better sleep breathing and incorporated them into a water sipping device.


How can I know if my swallowing could use improvement?

Several dentists say that up to 97% of adults do not swallow fully correctly.  Try the easy water cup test below to see some of the oral muscles the device will activate in your mouth every time you use it.